About Master Coaching

Master Coaching has a masterful approach to learning

Master Coaching - kids in classroom

Master Coaching Tuition Centre has a consistent record of students drastically improving their school performances. At the HSC level, for example, our students score well in their ATAR results.

We believe the level of success that our students achieve is a direct result of the quality of teaching they receive at the Master Coaching Tuition Centre. We ask a lot of our teachers and the results speak for themselves.

Our teaches are committed to making learning more relevant at the individual student level; and it is this approach that makes the learning experience more challenging and rewarding for our students.


We Guarantee

If you are not fully satisfied with your child's coaching program within the first four weeks of term, we will make a full refund of fees paid.

A rewarding learning experience awaits your child at Master Coaching


Tuition at Master Coaching excels at integrating the learning experience into the everyday lives of its students.

This means that your child acquires new knowledge not simply by rote learning, but by applying what he or she already knows to real world problems. Then our teachers integrate this new knowledge into your child’s own world through the Master Coaching learning techniques of achievable goal setting and personal best scoring.

Re-enforcement of this process by practice has rewarding consequences including: better retention of knowledge; increased confidence in terms of academic ability and an improvement in the ability to answer questions under exam conditions.